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On Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, I arrived at Casa Hogar: Niños de fe por su Gracia. The journey to Casa Hogar was an emotional one for me. I was about to arrive at the humble Christian orphanage that the Lord lead us to. I was so anxious to get there and finally meet and serve seven of God’s children, in Benjamin’s honor. The entire experience turned out to be an overwhelming blessing. We were greeted by Pedro and Maria, the house parents. We then met young Sammy, Esperanza, Alexa, Melani, Alberto, Ana and Alicia. Once my chaperones felt comfortable, they left me behind in the home where I was to stay for the next few days. Maria gave me a tour of the home while the children made chamoy candy apples to sell at church. Later, we went to church where they were beginning the first day of their yearly family conference. We heard a beautiful sermon on what it looks like to live out a biblically centered marriage. After church, the children sold their candy apples for 10 pesos each

. Then we finished the long day with late night tacos to celebrate God’s blessings. Sammy has a million questions about life in the U.S and I was more that happy to answer all of them. Once we returned home, Melani took some time to teach me how to turn to the chapters in the Bible at record speeds. The goal of this mission was to get to know the children of Casa Hogar; but more importantly, to relay the message to them that God had not forgotten them. I can’t express what an honor and humbling experience it was to deliver that message in person. Thank you Jesus.

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