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By Rebecca Difiore

Rebecca Difiore is a wife, mom and talented homeschool teacher. Rebecca considers herself a beginner painter and Benjamin’s Joy is her very first painting.  After Benjamin’s memorial service, she saw a vision of Ben in heaven. Benjamin’s Joy is a painting of the vision she saw. We are forever thankful for this beautiful gift. This painting has given us peace and joy in knowing that Ben is happy and whole in the presence of Jesus.

The Trinity is represented in three parts.

  1. The Dove- Holy Spirit

  2. Jesus-God the Son. Jesus is playing “The itsy Bitsy Spider” with Benjamin.

  3. Strong, secure yet gentle hands holding all- God the Father


A special message from Ben written on the side of the cliff: “mom and dad don’t be sad for me, I’m here, I’m healed, I’m happy, I’m celebrating. I can’t wait to see you again soon.”


Giraffe and Goat; Two of Benjamin's most favorite animals


The elephant is a symbol of strength, loyalty and determination


Butterfly; meaning transformation, triumph of the spirit and soul over physical person.


All light comes from God and anything outside His hands is darkness. The words in God’s hands are:

I am the true vine

I am the light of the world

I am the resurrection and the life

I am the way the truth and the life

I have engraved you on the palm of my hand.


Benjamin running with joy also has the meaning of a future moment where he runs back into the arms of his mom and dad.


The two rocks: One on the left with the face of a man represents Kirk.  The other on the right with the face of a woman represents the face of Leslie.  They both have two outstretched fern branches (ferns represent a new beginning of life, eternal youth and future family). The branches are open arms to catch Benjamin in this future moment. Both of their hair is made of ivy (meaning: growth, endurance, strength and determination). They have primrose flower eyes (meaning: eternal love). In Leslie’s left hand, is a dried white rose (meaning: grief, loss). She is dropping it outside heaven as she picks a centaurea flower (meaning: devotion, hope, anticipation and unity) with her right arm. Lilies are representative of purity, fresh life and restored innocence after death. Mushrooms mean persistence in doing something dispute difficulty or delay in achieving success.

image0 (4).jpeg

In the tree, there is a heart carving with the words ‘love u’, a note to Leslie and Kirk from Benjamin.


The flowers: the passion flowers, on the tree by Jesus, were thought to be in bloom at the season of Jesus’ death and resurrection. plumeria flowers have the meaning of perfection and new beginnings. The aster flowers, next to Jesus, have the meaning of wisdom, royalty and purity.


The grapevine represents the verse: I am the vine you are the branches – John 15:5 ; and the transformation that occurs when living in Christ.

big-image0 (5).jpeg

 In the Picture is Kirk Shadrick (Ben’s dad), Rebecca Defiore and Leslie Shadrick (Ben's mom)

Melvise, was Benjamin’s faithful nurse and a critical member of his Cancer fighting team. Melvise made sure that Ben’s treatment protocol went just as planned and allowed for his parents to focus on family time. Ben loved and trusted Melvise and the Shadricks are eternally grateful for her service.


Memorial Service

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