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The Benjamin Mario Shadrick Foundation is spearheading the following missions: 


Yearly grants for Alternative cancer treatments for eligible children  

Shortly after Benjamin‘s first birthday, he was diagnosed with two rare forms of cancer in his liver, hepato-blastoma and hepatocellular carcinoma. A Biopsy confirmed the presence of two malignant tumors on his tiny liver. Because of Benjamin‘s underlying conditions, chemo radiation and resection were off the table. The only option for Benjamin was hospice or palliative care at home. We took Benjamin home on palliative care. We quickly consulted a licensed Gerson Therapy practitioner out of Florida. She provided a protocol suitable for Benjamin and we wasted no time in healing him from the liver cancer that was threatening his life. Within a year Benjamin was cancer free! We will forever be grateful for the Gerson therapy. In memory of Benjamin, every year we are offering a Gerson therapy start up kit for a child in a similar situation as Benjamin. A child who was diagnosed with cancer yet is not a candidate for surgery chemo or radiation.
The Gerson therapy was our last hope and we were able to cure our son with  faith in God and knowledgeable professionals to guide our way. Click here to see what’s in the Gerson Therapy start up kit. If you would like to apply for the Gerson therapy start up kit, please fill out the application form and someone will get back to you. If you would like to donate to this specific mission please hit the donate button and give your gift today.

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Mission 1
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Yearly grant for a parent training to enhance their child’s potential

"What To Do About Your Bain Injured Child" by Glenn Doman discusses the various types of brain injuries in children and what we as parents can do at home to reverse the injury. Kirk and I participated in the What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child Parent Training Course through the Institutes For The Achievement Of Human Potential in Philadelphia. Through this training we learned specific techniques to enhance Benjamin‘s potential and within a week of beginning the program Benjamin began to crawl with confidence. The Doman Program was instrumental in helping Benjamin reach his potential and we would like to gift a family the opportunity to do the same for their child. To learn more about the grant for the Institutes For The Achievement Of Human Potential and the Doman Program please contact us. We are currently accepting applications for this grant. If you would like to donate to this mission please hit the donate button and give your gift today.

Mission 2


Project BENconmigo 

The mission of Project BENconmigo is to build a self-sustaining orphanage in the city of Boca del Rio in Veracruz Mexico.  A self-sustaining orphanage is the type of home that, once built, staffed and operational, will never need financial assistance from outside sources again. 
BMSF has partnered with the orphanage Casa Hogar: Ninos de fe por su gracia in Veracruz Mexico. Casa Hogar is a home for seven children in dire need of a safe and healthy place to live. Their tiny home currently sits at the bottom of a steep hill where it's s always at risk of flooding and developing black mold.

PURCHASE a clean and safe house that can hold up to ten children with plenty of land to farm and grow. PROVIDE physical and spiritual healing to youngsters who have overcome devastating circumstances. Healing will come in the form of enrichment programs such as arts and culture, health and nutrition programs, mentoring and bible studies. MENTOR the children in the program to help them successfully complete their studies. In doing so, they will become better equipped to compete in today's work force. TEACH the youth how to grow their own food and farm their own fish to eat and sell in the free market. 

We are raising $500,000 for project BENconmigo. If you would l to get involved and positively impact the lives of homeless children, here are the ways you can do it: 1) Contribute a financial gift by clicking the donate button, 2) Donate new and gently used items for our fundraising yard sales, 3) Volunteer your time and talents. 

The Benjamin Mario Shadrick Foundation Co. is a registered 501 c3 non-profit organization and is 100% operated by volunteers, committed to this cause. All donated funds go directly towards the purchase and staffing of a new self- sustained home.  

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Mission 3


Project BENdiciones

Bendiciones is Spanish for 'blessings". Project Mission "BENdiciones" aims to raise $250,000 in order to complete the construction of the Dr. Martin Luther King Christian Institute, the first Christian school in Acayucan Veracruz Mexico. We also aim to provide scholarships for children in need of financial support. The Son of My Right Hand Scholarship is a yearly gift of $1100. 00 awarded to an eligible child so that he or she may attend the Dr. Martin Luther King Christian Institute. If you would like to support this mission please hit the "donate" button and give a gift today.

Mission 4
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