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Yearly grants for alternative cancer
treatments for eligible children

The Benjamin Mario Shadrick Foundation Co. wants to spread the Lord's message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. We honor the memory of our son, Benjamin, through advocacy and outreach activities that will positively impact the lives of children in need.

The Benjamin Mario Shadrick was an extraordinary boy whose ministry lasted three beautiful years, but in that short time on earth he became a pioneer. During his short stay with us Ben touched so many people in remarkable ways and still does to this day.


The book What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child by Glenn Doman discusses the various types of brain injuries in children and what we as parents can do at home to reverse the injury. The Shadrick’s participated in the what to do about your brain injured child parent training course at the Institutes for The Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia. Through this training, they learned specific techniques to enhance Benjamin’s potential and within a week of beginning the program Benjamin began to crawl with confidence. The Doman program was instrumental in helping Benjamin reach his potential and the Shadrick’s would like to gift a family the opportunity to do the same for their child. To learn more about the grant for the Institutes for The Achievement of Human Potential and the Doman program please click here. The Foundation is currently accepting applications for this grant. If you would like to donate to this mission, please hit the donate button and give you a gift today.


Casa Hogar is a tiny orphanage in Veracruz, Mexico that houses 7 teenage kids. Each child has a unique story and while their stores are heartbreaking the parents running the orphanage have done a truly inspiring job in raising these children. Receiving no support from the government, the parents keep the orphanage operating with their modest incomes and the occasional donation. Life can be hard at times for this family but they always thank God every day for everything they have. The Benjamin Mario Shadrick foundation reached out to the parents at the orphanage through their contacts in Mexico and after hearing the story of the orphanage elected to begin supporting the family with their weekly food costs. The Shadrick’s are also teaching the kids English and providing instruction on career building via weekly Zoom calls to provide the them the best opportunity for success when they eventually leave the facility. The Foundation is also searching for a music instructor in Veracruz to provide lessons to the kids as a number of them are musically inclined. We believe that with the right resources and support each child can achieve their full potential. If you would like to donate to this mission, please hit the donate button and give you a gift today.


The Gerson Therapy startup kit includes the Pure Juicer system. The juicer was critical in curing our Benjamin of his liver cancer. Valued at $2500.00 the Foundation will offer the juicing system to an eligible family.

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